The Cafe d'Nuts logo.

Cafe d'Nuts is a regional coffeehouse chain with locations across Jerkcity.

History Edit

Cafe d'Nuts original location is in The Taint, right behind the Cockscraper. This store is unique, featuring a large greenhouse attached to it. The Cafe d'Nuts Greenhouse was originally built to feed the citizens of Jerkcity Minecraft before Creative Mode was enabled for some players. The greenhouse was later expanded underground, ultimately being connected to the Taint Brands, Inc warehouse.

The basement used to feature a mushroom farm and connection to the Jean-Charles Underpass.


Locations in Italics are branded as "Cafe d'Nuts Outlet"


Cafe d'Nuts location in what would become the Taint. Shown here shortly after erection.

  • The Taint (Flagship)
  • Condominiums Tower
  • P.I.S.S.
  • Nutflix
  • Pottytown Business District
  • South Jerkcity


Cafe d'Nuts offers a variety of foodstuffs, but is most well known for their "Fag Fresh Eggs".