JRTA System Map

The Jerkcity Regional Transit Authority operates the SPURT (Smelly Public Urban Rapid Transit) system, commonly called the Jerkcity Subway.

SPURT SystemEdit

The SPURT system was originally a single subway line running from Spawn Station to a station near the Cockscraper that was connected to the Jean-Charles Underpass. A third station was eventually added at the Condominiums. The line was overhauled with the opening of Taint Central Station and the present-day Condominiums Station

Today, the SPURT is broken down into several lines.

Other SystemsEdit

The JRTA previously operated the Spurt Trolley (Unrelated to the SPURT system) and a rail line that went north across the first big dick bridge (does it even have a name?) to nowhere in particular in The Taint.