Pisswangs Corporation is a technology company that's headquartered in the Jerkcity Business Park.


The Pissington Corp was founded in 1965 by Horatio Pissington III as a gay phone sex resource.  One steamy night in 1967 while talking on 976-PISS, Pissington met Dr Phat Yung Wang, and the conversation went from a casual J/O encounter to serious business.  Soon after, Wang, who had his own business selling tickets to glory holes, agreed to pool resources and a joint company called Pissington-Wang Corporation was formed.  Both Pissington and Wang were known for "letting the ideas and the urine flow freely" by the staff, and acquired nickames during this time.  Horatio Pissington III went by "Hot Piss" and Phat Yung Wang simply went by his last name, and all over anyone standing within a few feet.  Several successful pissing contests in the fall of 1967 led the two to finally incorporate, and  Piss & Wang Corporation was formed officially, following a merger.

PISS/360 and the Dark Days of the 1970s

It was during the early 70s that an influx of technology money left Piss & Wang Corp with options on how to expand the business.  It was decided in 1969 to purchase a state-of-the-art BM Mainframe, and a urine-focused product was developed by the end of 1969.  PISS/360 provided urine-sharing options to those who couldn't seek a pig full time.  PISS/360 was wildly successful, but unfortunately, Hot Piss wouldn't be around to enjoy it.  On October 21, 1970, Horatio Pissington contracted GRIDS from a rape kit left in the break room refrigerator.  Despite having placed the signs himself to remind the staff that that the rape kits go in the crime lab, it would be the end of the founder, but luckily, not the end of the company.  The company was shut down due to GRIDS between October 23, 1970, and June 1, 1971 while the business reorganized.   

Current CEO is Burt Spurt (following a scandalous hiatus where his gayness was questioned after a piss encounter with a non-pig) in 1988.


Pisswangs produces numerous products including

  • Patented Mechanisms
  • PissOS
  • CloudJERK (JaaS/Jerking as a Service)
  • PISS/360 (batch urine distribution for mainframes)
  • URINE/8 (Urine distribution environment for PDP-8)
  • PissPerfect (stream director)
  • Scrotum 1-2-3
  • peeBase II (Acquired from Ass Taste corp)
  • PissWAN/GS Urinary Network Transport for Apple IIgs
  • STALL-IN-1 Discreet Encounter Simulator for VAX/VMS
  • 'swangSET phallic offset typography machine (1978)


The Pisswangs Building features a large message sign that can spell out things like "JERK CITY" and "PISS WANGS".

Marketing CampaignsEdit

  • Sopping Gay (1967)
  • Disco Spurtathon (1976)
  • 'Swangs (partnered with Swatch) (1987)
  • Grunge Around My Balls (1993)
  • Piss Soaked Flannels (1995)
  • e-Rection (1999)
  • Poo Millenium (2000)
  • iNuts (2003)
  • Piss is MY way to get gay (2006)
  • Slurp the Pig (2009)
  • Tres Gays Dorados (2009, Spanish Language)
  • The Golden Drool (2011)
  • Get Gay With Piss (2013)