[18:09:00] <uuni> im doing an essay on politics right now

[18:09:43] <tyrands> POLITICIANS: BAD
[18:10:44] <uuni> not true
[18:10:50] <uuni> there are some good politicians
[18:11:01] <uuni> tyrands: do you want to see what ive written so far
[18:11:04] <tyrands> POLITICIANS: SOMETIMES BAD
[18:11:06] <uuni> maybe do a bit of peer editing
[18:11:15] <tyrands> maybe you should show doop
[18:11:17] <fagtacos> spen-editing
[18:11:18] <tyrands> he has opinions
[18:11:27] <uuni> i dont really like doop so much anymore
[18:11:44] <tyrands> doop is so early 2013
[18:11:46] <uuni> im sort of relieved hes not here so i can air some of these things without worrying about him criticizin me
[18:11:55] <tyrands> it's all about the summer of spenny
[18:12:05] <uuni> school starts tomorrow for me
[18:12:13] <uuni> so i was wonderin if youd take a look at this