The Underpass System was a set of two separate underground tunnels called the Jean-Charles Underpass and the Ozone Underpass. These tunnels were necessary to provide a safe link to distant construction like The Cockpit and the Condominiums Tower before The Taint expanded to include them.

The tunnel to South Jerkcity is not considered part of the Underpass System.

Jean-Charles Underpass Edit

The Jean-Charles Underpass was a set of tunnels, one near the surface and one deep underground. An upper level entrance between Cafe d'Nuts and the Cockscraper led to stairs to a lower tunnel that traveled to The Cockpit and later The Condominiums. Later, an entrance to the upper level was added outside of Jerkcity Fried Chicken. The original Taint Station was also connected to the upper portion of the system, as was the original Condominiums Station. The entrances were removed and the tunnels filled in, but were later rediscovered during a construction project. Part of the upper level is now the Cafe d'Nuts (JRTA Station).

Ozone Underpass Edit

The Ozone Underpass connected the original portion of The Taint to a new lower area called the "Lower Taint". The tunnel ran from near Whole Dudes Organic Grocery underneath the church to near the Museum of Thrusting Technology. The tunnel was eventually filled in, however it was partially re-opened with the construction of the Jerkcity Convention Center.